Join the Cash Club & Earn

Give 10% off, Get 20% cash


That’s right...
you can earn Cash

As a Clutch Club Affiliate, you will receive a custom 10% OFF
coupon code that you can share with friends, family, or whoever.

With each referred sale,
you will earn 20% commission in CASH! 

Step 1: Sign up to become an affiliate in the form below.
Step 2: Login into your Snowball account, and get your coupon code to share with anyone and everyone.
Step 3: Sit back and watch the money rack in 😎💸

Earn $200

Why are we giving
away cash?

We want to reward you, our best customer, for your hard work of spreading the message.

Times have gotten expensive. Need gas money? Get 5 new friends to purchase Clutch, you got $50 in your pocket. Refer 20 people in your network, now you have $200.

People have to try it to believe it. We’ve made the world’s thinnest portable charger and want the world to experience what it’s like to have a credit-card sized charger while traveling, on-the-go or chilling at home not wanting to be plugged to the socket. Tell everyone and their mother about it!

For Your Content

Feel free to share the code in whatever you’re most comfortable with. Some of our affiliates make tik tok videos, Instagram stories or reels, and even YouTube videos.

We also encourage you to post photos on your instagram feed or facebook. You can save these images and simply add your referral code for your friends and family to use when shopping for Clutch.

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