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Best charger I’ve owned

Love the sleek thin profile, it fits in my smallest purses. It’s easy and quick to charge . Great gift for someone.

Great charger for the price and size!

I take this case with me to work to top off my phone. I like how portable and lightweight it is. It doesn't offer quick charge but it's good enough for casual charging.

My favorite charger, ever!

A friend in your pocket

Very portable with a lot of extra power. Great to have at the end of the day.

Great Product!

I like the slim, small fit of the Clutch V2 charger. It fits nicely in my bag that I carry everyday so it's always handy when I need to use it. It doesn't take long to charge my iPhone using it. I highly recommend this product.

You must order!

absolutely love the clutch. Just got it last week and already used it while on the beach for the day.

i love it


Love it very compact comes in handy when your battery is getting low

Worth the wait!

It’s so sleek and actually helps in clutch situations. Most of the power banks are overkill as most of the time you actually use a bank in tight scenarios. It was worth enduring the back orders.

Great purchase!

Just love the Clutch! I use it all the time. I was just in Hawaii and was taking pictures, listening to music all day and before you know it, the battery was low and I needed to charge my phone. The clutch was a lifesaver.

Highly recommend this little gadget

I'm a big fan of clutch. This little thing has saved my battery multiple times and it's so convenient. 5 Stars!

Quick recharging

Best quality and good prices.

Coming in Clutch

Perfect for my needs!

Ths thing came in clutch

I received a very prompt response to a query regarding a product which appeared to lose charge much faster than I would have expected. I received an immediate refund together with an explanation.

This thing came in clutch

This thing came in clutch!! I forgot I even had it in my wallet and when my phone was dying i didnt have to worry! Great product and very slim. Worth the money.

Quality product

I love this charger I even bought another one got my Boyfriend. It charges it self very fast and Not to mention the iPhones they charge in a short period of time. This is one of my best purchases this year works great.

Slimmest Portable Charger

Best investment/purchase I made this year. Everything from payment to delivery went flawless. I can get multiple charges for my iPhone and my Macbook, as I'm on the road everyday. Lifesaver! Honestly, at this price, you should not hesitate.

Really great gift

I really like the sleek design and the convenient size, bought one for all my grandkids. Great stocking stuffer :)

Clutch Cargo

Came by something similar, smaller, and thinner once in a German airport. It was amazing and still is.

Everyone has asked where I found that, and thus far, I’ve failed to find another one throughout the far reaches of the interwebs.

Clutch? Great name. It’s exactly that.

Light, easy to carry, fits in a suit, jeans, or shirt pocket. Kind of like your get out of jail free card... when not having a phone or being able to call someone will get you in trouble.

Using batt hungry mobile apps like fb? Clutch.

Have an unhealthy selfie addiction?

Lose your wallet and need to get home?

In a foreign country where the roaming crushes your batt?

Best. Name. Ever.

Dont hesitate

It was a great gift for my grandson who keeps letting his phone die, this fits in his pocket!


Works like a charm Clutch Charger.



Its in the name

AMAZING! So worth the price it charged my phone while I was in FLORIDA!

Great value

I would buy this product again just because of the customer service. Had a problem and not only was it addressed immediately but within days I had a new one in my hand. Very nicely packaged - thank you.

Good good

Clutch has an excellent loyalty program tool. 20% off for all returning users.