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So convenient! Really happy with my purchase and think its a great, useful stocking stuffer for the holidays. Want to but one for all my family members!

My Clutches

I think these are the greatest gift ever.
I was so pleased with mine and now can share them with my friends and family


Fantastic buy! So small and works so well!

The Best Pocket Battery Pack...Ever!

I've been a Tech addict for years, especially battery packs. I managed a Cellular Store for almost 15 years, So I tried my fair share of battery packs. What I absolutely love about the Clutch battery pack is it's size, power and simplicity! In the past in order to have enough battery backup power, I would have to carry something much larger and usually a seperate cable. Plus if I wanted to supply my wife with a battery backup solution, it was always to complicated for her to figure out. She's not very tech savvy :) So finally there's a product Clutch V2, that has the perfect size, simplicity and power! I have two, an IOS version for me and an Android version for her! We both love them!!!

Love My Clutch Chargers

With this latest purchase, I have now bought 4. I ended up losing one and letting someone borrow one and never got it back. I knew I had to replace them and I did!! My phone is old (should replace it) so I end up needing to charge it when I’m at a concert or sporting event. These are a perfect size and charge my device quickly. 👍👍

So chic..

Finally a charger that fits in our little black bag, It’s fantastic. I’m buying 3 more for my friends as Christmas gifts!

Clutch review

Great product. There are thousands of chargers on the market. Clutch stands out for its easy to use charging cord and its comfortable size. Clutch takes up very little space and fits in my daughters purse or pocket with ease. Not having to deal with the wieght and size of most chargers makes me more comfortable knowing she will always have power when she needs it.

Very satisfied with the items and the delivery. Thanks

Absolutely amazing!

I use it so often I want to purchase more!!

Best charger, love the size!

I’ve had this charger a week and already love it. It’s so light weight and convenient to keep with you, such a small size it easily fits in my small purse or wallet. Highly recommend!

Awesome!! Power source last all day !

Power last all day from such a small source!


I was not sure about this little device at first because everyone is claiming to have the best product out there. After going through reviews I found out a lot more about Clutch. It is the smallest and thinnest and lightest. I charged it completely when it arrived and one of the pod cast guys was reviewing it and said the battery in the Clutch is a beast. It’s easy to carry anywhere. When everyone’s phone is dead, I’ll have my Clutch. I love this little device and think it’s so cool that I ordered 2 of them. I’ll give the other as a gift. I’ve been searching for a cool charging device through Apple, but I’m glad I saw Clutch on Instagram. I have shown my Clutch to everyone and they love it as well. Thank you for creating such a cool gadget. I love gadgets!!!! 😂😂😂❤️💯

Great Product!

Clutch® V2 - USB-C (Android)
Michelle VanNormam
Great product and customer service

I’ve had my Clutch for about 3 months and love it. One day it just quit charging. I found a way to comment with them. They replaced the unit without me even asking. That is a classy company!

Excellent attachment for my phone

I realize it is invaluable when traveling

Great product

Glad I bought it’s small but effective!

Great product

I can saw that the packaging is great! These were gifts and I am sure they will workout great!

Christmas Gift

I can't wait till Christmas Morning when I see my two daughters reaction! They always complain about charging their phones and bringing a cord!

Great item

Perfect item to have doe quick charge

It’s everything you want it to be

Truly the best - I carried it in my pocket and charged my phone during my last marathon so I knew I could track my mileage and listen to music the whole time. It was so light and tiny and simple to use, I didn’t even have to stop running to plug it in, and it just slides into my pocket with the phone. This is the best product I’ve found in a long time, I’m super excited about it.

Great product even better customer service

My kids love this charger! I love the customer service they are so right on it! Highly recommend.


Very light weight and slim! Luv. 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Clutch V2

I am in love with how I can charge my phone on the go! So easy and convenient to use!

Great little battery bank!

I love how small and lightweight this thing is! It also charges my phone and tablet super quick! You won’t regret buying this!!