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Love love love

This charger is so lightweight and fits right in my wallet! So handy.

Best wireless charger

This charger is very easy to use. Since it is portable I am able to do more activities while in the car.

Small, Convenient, Great in an emergency!

Very convenient and great for an emergency back up! The Clutch is so small it does not hold a very long charge, so you'll need to keep one charged in your wallet for emergency use only.

Take it anywhere!

Great compact, light weight fits in your wallet.

Thin and sleek

Love my clutch as it fits in my smallest purse and charges my phone in minutes.


Very easy to use and so compact I can easily carry in my small stuffed crossbody bag !!!


it’s the best & smallest charger i have. I LOVE IT!

Very cute and slim

My coworker loved her gift and will use it when she goes out dancing

Wowed my tech nerd kids with this!

I got the Clutch to travel across the country from California to Maine. It’s a skinny little charger packing a lot of power to quickly charge my iPhone. I showed it to my son, who’s a software engineer in Silicon Valley and he was like, Wow! That is sooo small! What was so convenient, was that I could literally charge my phone while it was in my pocket because the Clutch is so slim.

Best portable charger I’ve ever had.

Perfect Gift

I gave this to my husband. Besides being a great gift it is also very useful!

Tiny and Useful

Nice credit card sized charger. Great for topping up my iPhone.

It’s nice and convenient.

Small and easy.

My granddaughter says that it works quite well now I'm going to buy one for my daughter

My granddaughter says that it works quite well now I'm going to buy one for my daughter

Nice product

Slim, elegant packaging.

Love it

Convenient fast saves the day!

Route Package Protection
Davinnia Gallimore

Route Package Protection

Route Package Protection
Marianna Etcheverria
Clutch Charger

I love the size! I have given this to several people as a gift and everyone loves it!!!

Clutch® V2 - USB-C (Android)
Helen K.
Clutch V2 Android

Small, compact, not heavy, it's great for travel.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service. Very responsive.

Clutch® V2 - Lightning (iPhone)
Susie McLain

Finally a charger that actually charges. I love it!

Clutch® V2 - Lightning (iPhone)
Lezlee Bushfield
I can’t review. Was left in Uber the first hour.

I’d love to review but unfortunately it was left in an Uber the first hour and not returned.


Thin, compact!! Love it!!

Clutch® V2 - Lightning (iPhone)
Dawn Pohlen
Love This

Tried this out on vacation-fantastic!!!

Clutch® V2 - Lightning (iPhone)
Bernadette Barbers
Innovative, very practical and dream come true!

I’ve bought so many powerbanks in the past and now i dont even know where they are anymore. Why? Either my purse is too small or Its too heavy i had to take it out of my bag and Just leave it at home. But this powerbank? It stays right inside my wallet! I cant stop sharing my unboxing video with my friends! Its soooo thin and light as a feather! I’m literally wishing My Phone batt dies soon coz im so excited to try it! haha!