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Small thin charger for your phone. It works great. I love it

Clutch® Pro USB-C
Laura Vanvoorhis
Need to charge phone on the go?

I love this little charger. It’s small, compact, even fits in a pocket. About the size of a credit card only a little thicker. It works great! I highly recommend trying this out. I love it!

i texted out on the field an it really work

Clutch® Pro USB-C
Love It

Light weight. Easy to use. The pink is a great color.

In a flash

I have used my Clutch several times and I am so impressed at how quickly it charges up as well as how long it stays charged. Love it.

Clutch® Pro Lightning
Michelle Mankoff

Easy stylish charges fast

Clutch® Pro USB-C
Ernestine Canty
Great charger!

This charger is so small & lightweight. It fits in my purse perfectly. It charges my phone pretty quickly. The only issue I've noticed is that it gets pretty hot to the touch sometimes. Otherwise it's the perfect travel charger.

Wowwwww, this charger is amazing! I charged it more than a week ago and had to charge my phone out somewhere,
take it out of my purse, and it had a full charge to my phone... AMAZING product CLUTCH!

Great item!

This is an awesome charger. Small in size. Not so heavy and cumbersome. The magnet is so great. I bought four for my family and so glad I did.

Love it

It's small and compact. Easily fit in my purse, even my Lululemon everywhere belt bag

Clutch® Pro Lightning
Jennifer Colocho

My husband and I really love it

Clutch® Pro USB-C
Lina Hernandez
Clutch Pro USB-C

It is great! Easy to use.

Love this highly

Clutch® V2 - Lightning (iPhone)

Great product

Love the size!


We have ordered four of these now. They are amazing and perfect size for travel!

Great battery product. Has saved me several times

Love it

Simply Awesome

Love the sleek, thin design! Charges phone quickly!
Definitely recommend!!!

Clutch® Pro USB-C
Gillian Boyer
Very good product

I’ve bought several at this point they worked very well, and I did have some trouble returning one at one time to get an exchange but they corrected it in. Customer service was very nice and I really appreciate it their help.!

So slim and convenient.

Love it! It’s a lot of power in a small device!

Clutch® Pro Lightning
Beth Ann Chambers

Travels great

Really like this charger it is small and lightweight and the magnet is very strong.

Clutch® Pro
Clutch Pro

It works great. I’ve used it at night and during the day.