Clutch Reviews

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Love it

Love it. Probably will buy another, or 3!

Love it

Love it! It’s so small & works so great

Fantastically convenient device

Fantastically convenient device, fits in pocket, purse and or wallet. I know what I am gifting to friends and family.

Super cute

Light, pink and super cute.



ZOOM in a tiny package!

I got my charger- 2, in fact- and love how small it is yet full of power! It charged my phone so quickly and easy to carry in my pocket with the phone attached while I was walking. It literally does fit in my wallet and weighs almost nothing. Now we know you can get some power in a small package. Thanks for this!

Compact and easy to use.

This is a great product. Highly recommend, and I bought 2!

Redhead likes

I love how it’s super then and charges my new mini 12 very fast

Sleek Design

Love sleek design and it’s actually functional. Newer Iphone version requires a smaller connector. It fits in my case perfectly.


Life saver, the additional battery is compact and allowed me to take more photos of my beautiful wife while out and about! it's a must!

Clutch charger

Love how small it is & how well it charges. Great for ladies small purses.


I love my Clutch! Very sleek. Fits anywhere. I just purchased one for a family member!


I'm always looking for something that is not going to weigh my purse down.. this might be it!

Great little charger

Love my Clutch charger, so small and light and charges quickly!

Best Charger Ever!!!

Where were you when I needed a dependable portable charger on my road trip?
I had to bring one that was ranked best seller and it was no where near as fast at charging my phone then the clutch. It’s so small fits right in my pocket along with my phone. Love that it comes in pink and not just black and white.
This is the perfect charger thinking of gifting some for Christmas this year to my favorite electronic junkies lol!!

Easy to carry in my purse

Love how light and small it is, seemed to charge my tablet relatively fast. Not too happy that it needs a USB A charger cord to charge the charger ... since the charger is USB C

Fantastic product?

I’ve been giving these as birthday gifts and have already purchased some for Christmas gifts! I can’t rate them highly enough. So convenient! They even fit in your wallet!

Great product!

Perfect little charger for traveling!

Works as promised

Slim design, easy to use, charges relatively fast. Love having back up power!!


Exactly what I was looking for my iPhone. I had an older small size battery that was losing steam and all the new models were too big. Clutch is the perfect size to have in my purse AND the attached “plug” is a fabulous feature. It also makes a great gift item.

Clutch charger

Great little compact charger with features I want, like attached cable, credit card size, light weight.

Best charger I’ve owned

Love the sleek thin profile, it fits in my smallest purses. It’s easy and quick to charge . Great gift for someone.

Great charger for the price and size!

I take this case with me to work to top off my phone. I like how portable and lightweight it is. It doesn't offer quick charge but it's good enough for casual charging.

My favorite charger, ever!

A friend in your pocket

Very portable with a lot of extra power. Great to have at the end of the day.