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“Put this in your wallet, back pocket, evening out clutch... the perfect little powerbank!”

“Size of just a few credit cards! It’s small, sleek and beautiful.”

“This is the ideal charger to sling in your purse or bag and forget about it.”

Meet your new daily essential

Stronger, faster and most durable

Minimal & Light Design

Put it in your wallet, or forget about it in your bag

Slim and Sleek

As thin as two coins, perfect for on the go

Built In Cable

No more untangling or needing extra cords

Brought our Clutch to our Italy trip and they were great to have! Super thin, fits in your pocket, and kept their charge! Best gift ever!

Niel B.

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Mother's Day Special

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2500+ Reviews
Clutch® V3 – Bundle of 8
Compact enough to carry in your bag or pocket, yet powerful enough to keep you charged up wherever your adventures take you.
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Color: Black
Charger Type: iPhone
USB-C (Android)
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Small and Sleek
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1 Year Warranty
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Compatible Devices

Comes In Clutch For Any Emergency

Sleek and minimal

Cord wraps around clutch

Thin enough to fit in credit card slot

2500+ Reviews

Our Customers Think We’re Clutch!

Perfect Gift Giving Idea

"Cannot say enough great things about our Clutch chargers! I have one in my purse, my desk and my carry-on bag. My kids are always needing an "extra boost" so these chargers were the perfect stocking stuffer. I have kept a few on-hand for last minute and hostess gift giving. Customer service is also excellent!!!"


Verified Buyer

Must Have Charger

"We have given this charger to all of our family members and it is the best gift we could give for peace of mind! It's so slim and portable and stays powered for a long time. It is a must have for safety and security that your phone will not die and leave you vulnerable."


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Use mine everyday!!

"I literally use this almost everyday, whether I stay at home and don't want to be glued to the socket or if I'm out and about all day. The best gift honestly, so useful!!"


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Peace of mind, anytime